Redundancy Advice for Employees

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There is no statutory definition of redundancy. Redundancy usually involves a situation where the employee’s role is superfluous to the needs of the employer.

Examples of what IS likely to be a real redundancy situation include:

Examples of what IS NOT likely to be a real redundancy situation:

In order to terminate an employee’s employment for redundancy, the employer should have followed a fair process. At a minimum, the employer should have:

Special rules apply for vulnerable employees (in certain situations) and those employees who are on or who have recently returned from parental leave. Vulnerable employees are listed in Schedule 1A of the Employment Relations Act 2000 and include employees who work in cleaning services and food catering services in any workplace; laundry services for the education, health or age-related residential care sector; orderly services for the health or age-related residential care sector; and caretaking services for the education sector.

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